24th European Workshop on Computational Geometry — March 18-20, 2008, Nancy

03/11/2008: The collection of abstracts is available.
02/08/2008: The program is now available.
02/04/2008: Registration is now open (early registration deadline is February 18).

Coming by plane

If you come by plane we recommend that you fly to Paris and then take a train to Nancy. If you insist on visiting our local Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport, you will then have to take a shuttle bus to downtown Nancy. The ride takes 40 minutes and costs 4 €. You can find the schedule here (only available in french).

Coming by train

Nancy is easily accessible by TGV train. Schedules are available from SNCF (the french train company -- the link seems broken but clicking on the train icon leads you to a working page in English, a kind of achievement with the SNCF web site). You can buy the ticket on the website and withdraw it at the yellow booths in the train station (with a reference number). Note that if you miss your train, tickets are not refunded (and changing your ticket before departure costs 10 euros).
You can alternatively buy your ticket directly at the yellow booths in the train station (you may have to go to the counter if your credit card does not have a chip). That is what we usually do when arriving by plane, however, there is a always small risk that the train is full. Note that if ever you get on the train without a ticket and tell the controller at his first passage in the train you will be charge 10 euros extra (if you do not catch the controller at his first passage you will be assumed cheating and it will be much more expensive).

From downtown Paris: trains to Nancy depart from Gare de l'Est. The trip costs 50 €, takes 90 minutes and takes you at Nancy main station, in the city center, close to the hotels (see also the map).

From Charles de Gaulle airport (in Paris): take a RER to downtown Paris (the ride takes 30 minutes and costs about 8 €). Get off at the Gare du Nord stop (actually called Paris Nord on the track to confuse foreigners), exit the station on Rue de Dunkerque and follow the signs (essentially on the left) to Gare de l'Est (15 minutes walk track to track); see map below . Now you just reduced the problem to the previous case.

Another option would be to take a TGV from the airport to Lorraine TGV station, from where you have to take the same shuttle that serves the local airport (see above). There are few such trains and the shuttles are not so regular, so we do not recommend this approach to the problem.

Coming by car

Nancy is at the intersection of the A31 motorway, which runs from the Benelux countries to Spain, and the A4 motorway, which runs from Paris to Strasbourg.

Thanks to Emmanuel FAIVRE for the picture of Place Stanislas Last modified: March 18, 2008