24th European Workshop on Computational Geometry — March 18-20, 2008, Nancy

03/11/2008: The collection of abstracts is available.
02/08/2008: The program is now available.
02/04/2008: Registration is now open (early registration deadline is February 18).

Speakers are indicated with a *.


Session 9
9A - Conference Room 9B - Room C005
A tight bound for the Delaunay triangulation of points on a polyhedron
N. Amenta, D. Attali* and O. Devillers

Discrete Voronoi diagrams on surface triangulations and a sampling condition for topological guarantee
M. Moriguchi* and K. Sugihara

On the locality of extracting a 2-manifold in R^3
D. Dumitriu*, S. Funke, M. Kutz and N. Milosavljevic
Arrangements on surfaces of genus one: Tori and Dupin cyclides
E. Berberich* and M. Kerber

On the topology of planar algebraic curves
M. Pouget*, S. Lazard, F. Rouillier, E. Tsigaridas, L. Peñaranda and J. Cheng

Topological considerations for the incremental computation of Voronoi diagrams of circular arcs
M. Held and S. Huber*
10:30-10:50 Coffee break

Session 10
10A - Conference Room 10B - Room C005
The entropic centers of multivariate normal distributions
F. Nielsen* and R. Nock

Quantum Voronoi diagrams
F. Nielsen* and R. Nock

Triangulating the 3D periodic space
M. Caroli*, N. Kruithof and M. Teillaud
Realizability of solids from three silhouettes
T. Ohgami* and K. Sugihara

Good visibility maps on polyhedral terrains
N. Coll, N. Madern* and J. A. Sellarès

Directly visible pairs and illumination by reflections in orthogonal polygons
M. Aanjaneya*, A. Bishnu and S. Pal
11:50-12:00 Short break
12:00-13:00 Invited talk 3

Computer algebra and computational geometry
F. Rouillier
13:00-14:30 Lunch break

Session 11
On planar visibility polygon simplification
A. Zarei and M. Ghodsi (talk by Amir Ali Khosravi)

The kinetic facility location problem
B. Degener*, J. Gehweiler and C. Lammersen

Probabilistic matching of polygons
H. Alt, L. Scharf and D. Schymura*
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